Patient and Guest Seating HealtHcentric

HealtHcentric Seating

healtHcentric seating is more than just a chair. What’s really critical for healthcare seating is
durability and cleanability, which are at the heart of our design and patented IC+* seating upholstery.
IC+ provides a PVC-free and latex free alternative. Our patient and guest seating is designed in
accordance with Infection Control guidelines. That means we don’t use ANY wood materials since they’re
porous and not suitable to prevent the spread of infection. With our IC+ coating system, unique clip
system and seamless sealed seats: the perfect seating for the healthcare environment is here. Add
durability, exceptionally cushioned support, contemporary style and a wide range of models and sizes
to make them a perfect fit. healtHcentric seats are ideal for patient rooms, examination areas and
treatment spaces. Used as an interlocking modular seating system or stand-alone chair, this seating
provides family and friends with the safety and support needed to help maintain a healing environment.